Peace On Earth - Drum Finish 

The method that I used for  finishing the 'Peace On Earth' pattern as a drum is shown in the following steps.



  • Linen for base
  • Fabric for top
  • Thread to match the linen colour
  • Thin mat board
  • 1 small sheet of felt
  • Crushed walnut shells OR alternative filling material
  • Lightweight fusible interfacing (optional)

Step 1

Backstitch a line around the whole edge of the design.  I found DMC 648 was a good match for WGLY 'Slate Grey'.  I chose to stitch my line 2 stitches (4 threads) away from the top and bottom of the design, and 1 stitch (2 threads) away from the sides of the design.


Step 2

Trim the excess linen to leave approximately ½ an inch from the backstitched line.  Then, firmly finger press along all the backstitched lines to create a crisp edge.


Step 3

Add lightweight fusible interfacing to the reverse of the design, just inside of the backstitched line.  I find this helps add structure to the drum and provides an extra barrier for the walnut shells that I use (the interfacing is not strictly necessary, particularly if you use wadding or similar for your filler).  Now, line up the 2 sides and whip stitch the seam by looping through the backstitches.  You should end up with an open ended cylinder.


Step 4

Cut 2 circles of mat board that will fit snugly inside the drum cylinder (mine were just over 3 inches in diameter), these will be the top and bottom of the drum.  Next, cut a piece of linen about 2 inches wider than the mat board circles.  Gather the linen tightly around one of the mat board circles using a basting stitch.  Once the fabric has been gathered, lace across from one side of the fabric to the other several times to ensure the linen on the reverse remains taut, and wrinkle free.  The lacing does not need to be neat, NOBODY will ever see it!




Step 5 

Make a 'dome' for the top of your drum by gluing concentric felt circles on top of the remaining circle of mat board.  Repeat the above lacing process with your chosen fabric for the drum top.




Step 6

The base is attached by stitching between the backstitched line at the bottom of the cylinder and the fabric edge of the circle.  


Step 7

Now do the same for the drum top, but stop an inch or two before the end to allow for your filling material to be packed in.


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