Original Sampler Locations


The samplers in our collection are from across the British Isles and are providing us with a fascinating window into past eras and individual histories that may otherwise have remained lost in time.  We always try to identify the original stitcher if we can and have been lucky with many of our samplers.  Some arrived with provenance at the time of purchase, others have unique identifiers that have made them readily traceable, others still needed many hours work to uncover from the records.  Sadly we have some that we can't trace but are confident they are also likely to be British in origin, purchased here and often displaying a style that was prevalent in the nations of the United Kingdom around the time of their creation.  

For the samplers we have currently reproduced or are soon to be released, we have plotted the stitchers' locations on the following map.  We have also created an interactive google earth map should you wish to explore the localities of these stitchers as they are in the present day.  We will endeavour to keep this resource up to date as we add to our reproduction list. 

Below the map we will list out the samplers by area as a quick reference guide as the map itself could become very congested over time!

 Original Sampler Stitcher Locations UK

Sampler Locations List

 Samplers from England

 Samplers from Scotland

 Samplers of uncertain locations