What you get in our PDFs


If you have never purchased a PDF cross stitch chart from us before, this page gives you a flavour of what you can expect to find once you have downloaded one of our sampler files.  If you are not familiar with online purchases or downloads at all you may want to look at our Purchasing a PDF page before you begin.

PDF is the only format our charts are currently available in, we do hope to produce hard copies in future but for now electronic copies are the only way to get hold of the reproduction guides and charts for the original stitchwork patterns shown on our site.  

PDF is simply a standard document format that allows for information to be shared ready for access on computers or for printing and is widely supported.  We provide each of our PDF charts in both A4 and Letter size variations to make sure when you print any of the pages you get them optimised for your local printing standards, whether you are based in the UK, or overseas.   You will get access to both format versions with any purchase and there is no limit on how many times you can download either file, as long as it is for personal use.


Our PDFs include...


 A clear cover shot of our model stitch

We try and maximise the view of the model stitch on our covers to give you a clear reference to how the finished sampler looks if you follow the called for materials.  We do love to see variations however so please let us know if you have opted for different threads, fabrics or finishes!


Information about the stitcher (where we can)


If we are able to locate information about the original stitcher we will include it to give you as much historical context for your reproduction as we can.  Sadly this is not always possible but we have been lucky with quite a few of our samplers where provenance has been provided to us on purchase or we have been able to confidently determine it from details in the samplers themselves.


 All the stitching information you need


We provide detailed information about how our model stitch was achieved, including; the stitch count of the reproduction chart, approximate finished dimensions for a variety of fabric counts and overdyed and DMC thread colour options.


Supplementary instructions


If there are sections of a chart that could prove difficult to follow we will also include supplementary instructions.  E.g. backstitch colours which are often hard to match with the chart alone or over one sections where we can provide a greater magnification.  Furthermore, if a chart includes any non-standard stitches we will include a guides to those speciality stitches as well.


Symbol and colour versions of the chart